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These False Truths Will Not Lead You to An Effective and Lose Weight Fast in Atlanta.

Lose Weight Fast Atlanta GALosing weight is something many people would like to be able to do. While that is the case, it is only sometimes easily achievable.

Overcoming obesity or simply transitioning to a slimmer, healthier body image is a challenging process that requires discipline and determination—and, of course, helpful tips.

Unfortunately, many claims could or could not be valid regarding weight loss. Find out the most popular myths about weight loss so that you can guarantee to lose weight fast in Atlanta.

Bodies are different; therefore, the relationship between one’s body, the food one eats, and their weight status can be complex.

  1. Weight loss is not a linear process

    Some presume that shedding pounds is a linear process, wherein it starts at point A and ends at point B. Losing weight can be complex because the pounds may fluctuate up and down a few times—which is normal. You might experience your weight going down for a few days and weeks and for it to go up the other times.

    Your weight status relies on several factors, mainly on the other aspects of the body. For instance, you may notice that you have gained weight, but that could be because of your digestive system carrying more food or holding on to more water than usual.

  2. Supplements can help you lose weight

    Are you aware of the many, many companies that promote weight-reducing supplements that promise dramatic effects? There is a reason why the weight loss supplement industry is a massive one, and that is mainly because of the so-called “placebo effect.”

    This phenomenon occurs when consumers fall for marketing and advertising tactics and believe that the supplements could help with weight loss fast, but in reality, they only become more conscious of what they eat. Despite that, some weight supplements have a moderate effect on people’s weight.

  3. Calories are all equal

    While it is true that all calories have the same energy content, not all sources of calories have the same effects on one’s weight. For instance, a protein calorie differs from a carb calorie because the different foods one intakes go through different metabolic pathways, which could have varying effects on hunger and hormones in regulating body weight.

    So if you want to lose weight fast, try eating more food that is high in protein calories because it can increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite better than carb or fat calories.

    Learn more here: Weight Loss Program Hack: Keep A Food Journal

  4. Carbs and fat can make you fat

    Eating carbs does not necessarily cause weight gain. Before the obesity epidemic began, people had already been eating tons of carbs. Whole foods that are high in carbs are considered to be healthy.

    However, refined carbs, such as those found in refined grains and sugar, are closely associated with gaining weight.

  5. Obesity is not biological

    Some say that being obese is not biological but is all about a person’s willpower. But, weight gain is associated with numerous genetic variables and medical conditions, including hypothyroidism, depression, etc.

    Multiple hormones and biological pathways in the body regulate body weight. So, if you assume that willpower alone is a variable that affects your weight loss journey and not the condition of your body, then you are wrong.

  6. Eating breakfast is a must

    Studies revealed that people who skip breakfast are more likely to weigh more than those who don’t. However, this may be because those who eat breakfast may be maintaining other healthy lifestyle habits.

    A comparative study involving 309 adults discovered that there is an effect on weight whether the people ate breakfast or not. The rule is simple: eat breakfast when hungry, then stop if you’re full.

  7. Burn more calories than you take in

    Since the body fat is stored energy, some recommend eating less and moving more to lose weight. While this sounds logical in theory, there are better suggestions for those who have serious weight issues.

    Many people who followed this advice ended up regaining the weight they lost because of physiological and biochemical factors. It is not enough to focus on dieting and exercising to achieve weight loss—one must develop a sustained change in perspective and behavior.

  8. Obese people are unhealthy, while slim people are healthy

    People often affiliate body image with health. Some often think that when a person is huge, they are sickly. However, being thin is considered to be the ideal healthy body.

    Obesity may increase your chances of developing chronic health issues like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, but some obese people are metabolically healthy. Some thin people have the same medical conditions as the ones mentioned.

It’s not about being fat or skinny; it is about knowing where your fats build up. You have a higher risk of developing a metabolic disease if you have a lot of fat built up in your abdominal area.

Fact or Myth: Is a Weight Loss Program Effective?

Lose Weight Fast Atlanta GAHundreds of methods claim to be effective ways to lose weight, but there is one proven helpful: medical weight loss.

If you genuinely want to experience losing weight fast in Atlanta, consider taking this program.

Apart from the usual practices such as dieting and exercising, a medical weight loss program involves doctor-supervised plans that include medications, supplementation, behavior modification, and hormone optimization.

It is ideal for men and women who have reached 50 and are struggling with weight to try out this program.

Experience to Lose Weight Fast in Atlanta!

If you want to lose weight fast in Atlanta, Bubolo Medical is a tried and trusted weight loss clinic.

Book a consultation with Bubolo Medical today by contacting them at (770) 282-1852. Their location is at 200 Sandy Springs Place, Atlanta, GA 30328.

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Below are a few questions people frequently ask about CoolSculpting in Acworth, from the first consultation to the final results.

CoolSculpting Acworth GAIn recent years, there has been an increasing trend in physical fitness. While regular exercise and a healthy diet are undoubtedly beneficial when it comes to losing weight, there are also invasive medical procedures that can help you achieve your goal weight.

Are you near your goal weight, yet you have stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise can’t seem to eliminate?

Do you have a goal in improving a specific body area? Then maybe Acworth’s CoolSculpting treatment is for you. The body contouring treatment is a safe and effective treatment to eliminate unwanted fat in virtually every body area. More than 7 million CoolSculpting® Elite procedures have been performed worldwide.

Non-surgical fat reduction treatment CoolSculpting® targets fat on the thighs, abdomen, flanks, chin, jawline, bra-area back fat, buttocks, and upper arms.

CoolSculpting Elite: Removes Fat Permanently

CoolSculpting Elite is the new and improved version of the body contouring treatment we know and love. The FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment requires little to no downtime, so you can immediately return to your daily routine.

The body contouring treatment isn’t technically considered weight loss — it’s fat cell reduction. The treatment uses C-shape applicators in the target area. It freezes fat cells to as low as -11 degrees Celsius, ultimately destroying them without harming the skin and other tissues.

Over eight weeks, your body metabolizes the neutralized cells, resulting in 20-25% fat reduction in the treated area and changing your body’s contours.

CoolSculpting Treatments in Acworth, GA: Non-invasive Permanent Fat Loss

Do you want to try CoolSculpting? Here are the top 10 questions you should ask before getting your treatment.

  1. How does CoolSculpting work as a fat-loss treatment?

    CoolSculpting Elite freezes the fat cells beneath the targeted treatment area using cryolipolysis technology. Cryolipolysis is the process of deep-freezing fat cells underneath the skin to destroy them permanently.

    The C-shaped applicators freeze the fat cells beneath the targeted treatment area to as low as -11 degrees Celsius. Fat cells are destroyed when they reach this temperature, preventing further fat accumulation.

  2. What happens during CoolSculpting treatment?

    The treatment itself is simple. A gel is applied to the skin, and the CoolSculpting device is applied to the targeted treatment area using a vacuum-type motion that sucks the tissue area as it performs its magic.

    Under the guidance of the expert team at Bubolo Medical, controlled cooling is used to eliminate the targeted areas of fat, leaving sculpted results in its wake.

  3. What areas of the body can I use CoolSculpting?

    With CoolSculpting, you can target stubborn fat-holding areas on your body. Do you have stubborn pockets of fat under your chin, on your upper and lower abdomen, flanks, back, hips, thighs, and upper arms? CoolSculpting got you covered!

  4. How much fat will I lose after one session?

    Studies have shown that patients lose up to 25% of their body fat after one treatment. It is designed to reduce fat to the point where patients are satisfied with their new body shape after CoolSculpting.

    It’s an excellent treatment that destroys fat cells and prevents further fat buildup. No surgery. No downtime.

  5. Is CoolSculpting for me?

    In general, CoolSculpting® candidates have bulging areas of stubborn fat on certain parts of their bodies (called “problem areas”), despite proper diet and regular exercise. It’s not recommended for overweight and obese patients.

    All our patients will consult our specialists in Acworth to ensure that they are appropriate candidates for the treatment.

  6. Is there downtime after the treatment?

    One of the best things about CoolSculpting is that it has no downtime. Since it’s a non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment, you don’t have to worry about recovery.

    You can usually return to your routine after your procedure. Some patients may experience redness, tenderness, swelling, or numbness in the treated area, but these typically go away after a few days.

  7. Can both men and women undergo CoolSculpting?

    Women and men store fat in different places on their bodies, but this treatment works for both.

    The great thing about CoolSculpting in Acworth is that it works on both fibrous (women have more fibrous fat stored in their legs and hips) and firm fat (men have more fat stored in their bellies), making it an equally effective treatment for patients of both genders.

  8. When can I see the results of the treatment?

    Fat cells are permanently destroyed during the procedure. After your treatment session, fat cells dissolve and are flushed out of your body, revealing a more toned appearance between one and three months after your first treatment session.

  9. How many sessions of CoolSculpting do I need?

    Our specialists in Acworth will create a personalized regimen depending on your goals and needs.

    While every patient is different, in most cases, one to three sessions are sufficient for each area of concern. Depending on the specific areas you would like to improve, you may be required to use various applicators during each visit.

With CoolSculpting in Acworth, GA, you can eliminate stubborn pockets of fat safely and effectively, so you can achieve the body you desire!

Take The Next Step

CoolSculpting AcworthAre you ready to eliminate stubborn fat bulges and achieve a smoother, slimmer appearance?

Aside from medical weight loss, Bubolo Medical in Acworth, GA, offers CoolSculpting treatment.

Contact us at (770) 975-1299 for a free consultation!

Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.


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An expert from a medical weight loss clinic in Atlanta shared the top foods to avoid to prevent weight gain.

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta GAWe know that the fall season makes it extra hard to lose weight. Combining comfort foods, the cooler weather, and holiday parties are a recipe for disaster in reaching our weight loss goals.

You’ll have to sweat it out a little if you want to lose weight. Having the wrong food in your kitchen and eating the wrong food may make that process more difficult. And yes, those calorie-rich desserts during a holiday party are not doing you any good.

Make sure you have access to nutritious foods and keep junk food out of the house or tucked away in a place where it’s harder to reach in order to lose weight effectively.

According to our medical weight loss expert here in Atlanta, here are the top foods you should avoid this fall. It will also be helpful to consider Atlanta’s leading medical weight loss program.

Now is the time to eliminate foods from your pantry contributing to your weight loss struggles.

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Before we get into diet-sabotaging foods, we want to clarify one thing: you can still enjoy all of these items while losing weight–eat them in moderation. We know Atlanta has a lot of good food options, and we don’t want you to starve yourself. It’s time to be more cautious about the things we eat.

Remember that this list does not include obvious diet villains such as candy and cookies. It’s time to expose some sneaky offenders that hide behind the guise of being “healthy” when they make it hard for us to lose weight.

Learn More Here: Weight Loss Program Hack: Keep A Food Journal

Start losing weight today by avoiding these diet-sabotaging foods.

  1. Calorie-dense drinks

    Fall is a great time to enjoy hot chocolate, egg nog, pumpkin spice lattes, and other autumn-inspired drinks. However, they tend to be high in calories, almost as much as a meal! Most autumn-inspired drinks contain 250 to 350 calories!

    They have high amounts of sugar and saturated fat, yet they lack protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain optimal weight.

    Drinking water (which has no calories) or other low-calorie drinks such as tea or coffee can help you avoid these sugary drinks. Water also helps you feel fuller for extended periods and hydrates you! Make sure you burn off those calories after you indulge in a cup or two of hot chocolate!

  2. Canned soup

    There’s nothing better than a bowl of warm, savory soup on a cold night. You might reach for canned soup from your pantry when the weather cools. They’re much easier to prepare and are more convenient than homemade soup. Who has time to create a soup from scratch these days?

    But did you know that canned foods, including canned soup, are usually heavily processed already? Canned soups contain some vitamins and fiber, although the processing may remove most nutrients. Plus, they’re highly acidic, sodium-packed, and may contain BPA.

    Try making soup at home this fall instead via meal prep. Prepare and cook a big batch of nutritious, homemade soup at the start of the week, portion them into smaller servings, then freeze. Just heat a serving from the freezer when you’re up for soup on a cold night.

  3. Granola

    Granola bars are a tempting snack when you’re on the go. Granola bars seem healthy and wise to boost your energy before a long meeting or before a party without stuffing yourself.

    However, granola bars could be sneaky. They tend to contain a lot of added sugars, fats, and processed ingredients, so they’re less healthy than they seem. It’s as if you’re eating a candy bar.

    Swap them with protein bars with calcium, potassium, fiber, and iron instead. These help promote weight loss and help you gain muscle mass.

  4. Baked goods

    The day after Labor Day marks the beginning of the baking season. However, those yummy cookies, pies, and muffins are packed with saturated fat, sugar, and calories; some are even deep-fried! In Atlanta, a usual pastry (cookies, pies, and donuts) has about 240 to 430 calories with around 11 to 23 grams of fat.

    According to the American Heart Association, only 30% of calories should come from fat, which is about 65 grams in a 2000-calorie diet. You’ve met your daily fat requirements with a couple of cookies or donuts with your coffee.

    Let’s be honest; we wouldn’t advocate giving up sweets, especially during this super-festive time, but everything in moderation, folks. You should only have one cookie (well, two should be fine) instead of five.

Avoid Fall Weight Gain with Atlanta’s Medical Weight Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta GAIf you want to lose weight fast in Atlanta, try Atlanta’s best weight loss clinic. If you’re going to lose weight safely and effectively, you need a suitable weight-loss program.

We at Bubolo Medical take a comprehensive approach to fast weight loss through medical weight loss, and we do not employ cookie-cutter solutions.

Our medical weight loss programs include FDA-approved drugs, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional coaching. We will help you lose weight by giving you the knowledge and tools to sustain the results for a long time.

With Atlanta’s medical weight loss, you will achieve the best weight loss results based on your medical history and individual needs. Lose 8 to 10 pounds per month safely and effectively!

Do you Want to Stay on Track in Your Weight Loss Journey?

You can achieve your weight loss goals safely and quickly with medical weight loss in Atlanta. Bubolo Medical offers personalized medical weight loss programs to help you achieve your body goals swiftly and safely.

Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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A food journal is a weight loss program tool to check your eating patterns and help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Program Atlanta GAWhen trying to lose weight, it’s common to focus on food intake and exercise rather than other factors that may be holding you back, such as stress levels, hormones, or your gut health.

Some weight loss programs lack this: they do not consider other factors that could help you lose weight.

Many nutritionists recommend keeping a food journal or a food diary as an adjuvant to your weight loss program.

Even though writing down everything you eat might seem daunting, it can actually be quite straightforward.

When you enroll in Atlanta’s weight loss program, it is recommended that you keep a food journal to track your weight loss or gain progress and identify food sensitivities.

What is a Food Journal?

The basic idea behind keeping a food journal is to keep a diary of what you eat and drink throughout the day. Keeping a food journal can be incredibly beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight, improve your diet, or simply understand your eating habits a little better.

So what goes inside a food journal? Basically everything! Aside from logging how much you consumed, you can also mention what you felt before, during, and after eating. Were you alone or eating with someone during that meal? Where and what time did you eat your meal? Sick on a particular day? Jot that down too!

Learn More Here: Best Hormone Therapy & Quick Weight Loss Center in Atlanta

Aside from understanding your eating habits, doctors and nutritionists can also use your food journal to determine which foods or ingredients you may be sensitive to. This information is crucial in creating a personalized weight loss program for you.

Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

Several potential benefits have been linked to maintaining a food journal.

  1. It makes you aware of what you consume.

    Keeping a food journal will make you more aware of what you eat, how much you eat, and why you eat. You’ll also stay on track with your diet and exercise routine.

    By tracking what you eat, you can identify any gaps in your eating pattern and ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need. This is especially helpful if you have specific health goals or want to increase your fiber or protein intake.

  2. It helps build healthy habits.

    It can also be a great tool to make more conscious meal choices throughout the day and keep you from mindlessly grazing between meals. This will help you cut down on mindless munching and stress eating.

  3. It helps you identify changes needed to be made.

    When you keep track of your daily food intake, you’ll be able to begin making lifestyle changes, such as reducing the number of calories consumed each day.

    By tracking what you eat, you can identify any gaps in your eating pattern and ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need. This is especially helpful if you have specific health goals or want to increase your fiber or protein intake.

  4. It promotes weight control.
    Many weight loss programs recommend keeping a food journal to monitor your food intake, as it will help you lose weight.

    In addition to increasing your awareness of how much you’re eating, it can also help you identify which foods, feelings, or other external factors lead you to consume higher fat, sugar, or calorie foods.

  5. It creates a personal reference guide.
    Having a food journal is like having a personal reference guide. It will help you understand some of your habits and will inform your future choices.  It will also help in observing patterns that will aid you in your weight loss journey.

    We can also use food journals to identify food insensitivities or allergies. If you can, consult a registered dietitian to help evaluate your food journal and determine which ingredients or foods you should limit or avoid.

  6. It helps in creating healthy eating goals.
    Now that you have identified which areas need improvement, you can set specific, measurable, and achievable goals.

    Such goals will help you achieve your long-term goal of losing weight and keeping it off.

A food journal will help you remember to be mindful of your food without getting bogged down in complicated calorie counting and tracking.

Food Journals in a Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program Atlanta GAKeeping a food journal is helpful not just for yourself but also for your doctors and nutritionists. If you really want a treatment that can keep your weight loss goals on track, you may want to consider a medical weight loss program.

Losing weight with a medical weight loss program is the safest, most effective, and fastest way to lose weight. Atlanta’s medical weight loss programs guarantee success with a long-term commitment. We offer personalized weight loss and weight management programs to ensure that they work for you and your body.

Find the Best Medical Weight Loss Program in Atlanta!

At Bubolo Medical, we take a different approach to weight loss. Our Medical Weight Loss programs help you lose weight quickly and safely!

Bubolo Medical offers a holistic and medically supervised weight loss and management program. Our team of doctors, medical technicians, nutritionists, and coaches will monitor you every step of the way. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge to keep the results for a long time.

Achieve your body goals safely and effectively with our weight loss programs. Contact us today at (404) 383-8252 for a consultation!

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Discover ways to keep the weight off you’ve lost this summer with tips from our weight loss center in Atlanta.

Weight Loss Center Atlanta GAIt’s the end of summer, and it’s autumn soon. You’ve managed to maintain your healthy weight amidst the cocktails and barbecues you’ve consumed over the past few months.

However, the autumn season brings new challenges: pumpkin lattes, apple pies, and the holiday season itself. Can you keep the weight off that you’ve worked so hard to lose?

Don’t worry! It may be harder to lose weight in the fall, but our weight loss center in Atlanta can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

A weight loss center offers personalized weight loss programs guaranteed to help you lose and maintain weight.

Why is it Hard to Lose Weight During Autumn?

1. Fall seems to be about comfort foods.

Marketing campaigns and advertisements focus on being comfortable in sweats and flannel pajamas, all while eating comfort foods, pies, and hot sweet drinks.

Stay on track and avoid fall marketing. Stick to your strategies all year round, making a few tweaks here and there, but without getting too off track.

2. No urgent “activities.”

Unlike during summer, when you can go on a spontaneous getaway to the beach or the lake, there are no “urgent activities” in the fall to show off your hot bod. The weather is cooler, so you want to snuggle in your pajamas all day.

Make the most of the autumn weather to prep you for your weight loss journey. It’s neither hot nor cold, making it ideal for outdoor exercises or gardening!

Lose Weight and Maintain It This Autumn

The transition from summer to fall is always the toughest. The air gets cooler, the food gets heavier, and we have less motivation to get out and move.

Don’t lose your mojo this fall. Always keep on track of your weight loss journey with these tips from our medical weight loss center in Atlanta:

1. Continue being active.

So your summer was loaded with activities that kept you active and on your toes. Keep the momentum of summer activities going by enrolling and pre-paying for your exercise classes this fall. This will motivate you to stick to an activity after a busy summer.

2. Prep your veggies in advance.

We all know how nutritious vegetables are, so always include them on your plate. Fall produce is not just about pumpkins! Other seasonal produce picks are just as healthy and loaded with good-for-you nutrients.

Head to your favorite farmers’ market and load up on carrots, kale, zucchini, butternut squash, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

The great thing about these vegetables is that they can be cooked in large batches on one day of the week, then stored in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, just reheat them and add your favorite protein for a well-balanced meal.

3. Enjoy the outdoors.

The weather in Atlanta is much cooler in fall than in the summer, so it’s a great time to consider outdoor activities to get your heart pumping.

Why not try cycling, and push it to another level by changing terrains? Your weight loss journey will be more effective if you ride longer to maximize your endurance.

Hiking with friends is another great outdoor activity this autumn. It provides a good strengthening workout for your leg muscles.

4. Snack on fruits.

During the fall, there’s lots of delicious, healthy fruit available. Fruit abundant in autumn is an excellent snack for satisfying your cravings and a refreshing alternative to heavy food in the winter.

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and potassium, which promote a healthy heart and improve blood pressure. Cranberries are high in fiber and probiotics, which are great for your gut. Grapes are packed with polyphenols and vitamin K, which help build stronger bones.

5. Write up your weight loss goals.

Most of our weight loss patients find it really helpful to jot down their master plan for weight loss. Making a list of your specific and realistic goals will assist you in incorporating them into your schedule and helping you achieve them.

For example, write down your gym schedule every Monday and Thursday while limiting your snacks to only including single-serving of fruits, nuts, and yogurt twice daily.

6. Don’t forget portion control.

We don’t want you to deprive yourself of all the comfort foods available during autumn. Just make sure to control your portion sizes to prevent overindulging. For example, use smaller plates or glasses to reduce the amount of food and drink you consume.

You can also use your plate as a portion guide, with half of your plate composed of vegetables. This is another sure way to curb your total food intake.

Learn More Here: Lose Belly Fat Fast With the Best Weight Loss Program in Atlanta

Find the Best Weight Loss Center in Atlanta!

Weight Loss Center Atlanta GAThere is more to weight loss than just eating less and working out more.

Weight loss is best accomplished by taking a long-term approach that ensures you lose weight and keep it off.

A weight loss center in Atlanta involves a 3-step process to ensure you successfully lose weight.

The best weight loss program is comprehensive and offers a personalized weight loss program to help you achieve your body goals.

We at Bubolo Medical provide the best weight loss program. At our weight loss center in Atlanta, we have a team of weight loss doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to give you a weight loss plan tailored to your individual weight loss goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Bubolo Medical has a great weight loss center that will help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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Belly Fat in Men: Why Weight Loss Matters

Best Weight Loss Program Atlanta GALosing belly fat is no easy feat. No matter how many crunches you do or how long you plank each week, these exercises won’t ensure a flat-as-a-pancake stomach. A good diet makes a difference, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Belly fat refers to the fat around the abdomen. There are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat sits under the skin, while visceral fat surrounds organs.

Having visceral fat is more harmful than having subcutaneous fat. Losing visceral fat is beneficial to your health and well-being. Let’s find out the best weight loss program in Atlanta and how it can help lose the harmful visceral fat!

Belly fat is bad for the health. You can lose belly fat when diet and exercise fail if you join Atlanta’s best weight loss program!

What Causes Belly Fat in Men?

When it comes to abdominal visceral fat, men tend to accumulate it more than pre-menopausal women. In men, abdominal visceral fat accumulates primarily due to high dietary fat intake, a strong independent predictor of mortality.

Common causes of excess belly fat include:

  • Poor diet (more trans fats and added sugar)
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Too much alcohol
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Poor sleep quality

Is Belly Fat Dangerous?

Being overweight is one of the leading causes of major diseases. About 90% of body fat is subcutaneous, which you feel just under your skin.

The other kind, which makes up about 10% of belly fat, is visceral or intra-abdominal fat hidden below the firm abdominal wall. Visceral fat is more dangerous as it surrounds internal organs.

Learn More Here: Weight Loss Clinic: How To Get Out of Weight Loss Plateau

It puts you at a greater risk of serious medical issues. Excess belly fat can increase the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, asthma, and cancer.

How can I Lose My Belly Fat?

Diet and exercise are more effective in reducing belly fat than subcutaneous fat because lifestyle behaviors cause excess accumulation of visceral fat.

1. Focus on plant-based foods.

A healthy, balanced diet can help in losing weight, as well as improve their overall health.

Eating more whole fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates is essential to reduce dangerous fat around the organs. The best weight loss program includes a mix of a well-balanced diet and better lifestyle choices.

2. Avoid sugar, processed foods, and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Added sugar to foods can make you gain weight, making it bad for your health. The addition of sugar during food processing can increase abdominal and liver fat, leading to insulin resistance.

Minimizing sugar intake from processed foods and avoiding refined carbohydrates are also important, as these foods have low nutritional content. Skip the soft drinks, sugar-sweetened fruit juices, and high-sugar sports drinks.

3. Be more physically active.

Weight gain is one of the many health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Combining a balanced diet with regular exercise can help you lose belly fat faster and improve other cardiometabolic risk factors.

The best way to reduce visceral fat and increase lean muscle mass is to undertake aerobic exercises and strength training for 30 minutes a day on most days of the week.

4. Quit smoking.

Researchers say heavy smokers tend to develop more belly fat even though they may have better control of their overall weight.

Smoking increases belly fat, as well as many other serious health concerns. Quitting can significantly reduce the accumulation of belly fat and improve overall health.

5. Eat more healthy fats.

Ditch trans fats (also known as unhealthy fats), such as processed foods and fried foods. Dietary fat is not your enemy when trying to burn belly fat. Although it seems counterintuitive, eating healthy fats can increase satiety, which can reduce future weight gain.

Adding fatty foods will keep you full for a more extended period of time and reduces the urge to overeat. Include tuna, salmon, almonds, olive oil, and whole milk in your diet.

Find the Best Weight Loss Program in Atlanta!

Best Weight Loss Program Atlanta GAThere is more to weight loss than just eating less and working out more.

Weight loss is best accomplished by taking a long-term approach that ensures you lose weight and keep it off.

A weight loss clinic here in Atlanta involves a 3-step process to ensure you will successfully lose weight.

So what’s included in the best weight loss program in Atlanta?

  • Medical doctor examination – Your weight loss program will be customized to meet your needs.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling – Change your way of thinking about food and exercise to achieve success.
  • Lipo-B12 Injections – Lipo-B12 injections contain multiple vitamins and amino acids that help you burn fat faster.
  • Semaglutide injections – This FDA-approved medication demonstrated outstanding results in trials, with up to 40% of participants losing 20% of their body weight.
  • Weight loss tools – Use your iOS or Android device to keep track of your weight loss progress.

The best weight loss program is comprehensive and offers a personalized weight loss program to help you achieve your body goals.

We at Bubolo Medical provide the best weight loss program in Atlanta GA.

At our quick weight loss center in Atlanta, we have a team of weight loss doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to provide you with a quick weight loss plan tailored to your individual weight loss goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Bubolo Medical has a great weight loss clinic that will help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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Are you in a weight loss plateau? Consider these tips from a weight loss clinic in Atlanta.

Weight Loss Clinic Atlanta GAYou’ve had a great run with your weight loss journey so far. You’ve been sticking hard to your routine, following a healthy, well-balanced meal, and improving your exercise habits.

It has been super rewarding to watch the numbers on the scale go down, and you’ve been feeling great about it. However, the scale has stopped moving for reasons you cannot identify.

No matter how hard you try to crack your weight goal, it seems your weight won’t budge at some point. You’ve reached a weight-loss plateau. Your weight stops changing, and you’re stuck in your fitness journey.

So what do you need to do? Can you still get out of this weight loss plateau? We asked an expert from our weight loss clinic in Atlanta about why weight loss plateaus happen and what to do about them.

What is a weight loss plateau?

People who try to lose weight eventually reach a plateau. During their weight loss journey, there will be a time when it is hard to continue losing weight and keeping it off in the long run. Most people are surprised when it happens to them since they’re still eating carefully and exercising regularly.

People trying to lose weight may experience weight loss plateaus, which can be incredibly frustrating and make us want to give up. A weight-loss plateau is when your weight continues to be the same despite diet and exercise. Some people may even gain weight during this plateau in their weight loss journey.

Most people don’t understand that one’s weight loss journey is NOT linear. We won’t lose weight as fast as we first began.

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Is this a bad thing? Definitely not. Experiencing weight loss plateaus are entirely normal. It’s a sign that your weight loss journey is healthy and sustainable.

What are the signs that I am on a weight loss plateau?

  • You are starting to feel more hungry even though you haven’t changed your portion sizes. Some people don’t even feel hungry anymore, as if their bodies have stopped looking for food to produce energy.
  • You are frequently sick, cold, experiencing hair loss, or having irregular periods.
  • You’re constantly sleepy or tired. Even if you have slept a full 7 to 8 hours, you could still sleep more.

If any of the above apply to you, it’s best to visit a weight loss clinic so they can evaluate

Strategies to get out of your weight loss plateau!

Weight loss plateaus are essential because these periods allow our bodies to “reset” before we can continue losing weight.

If you’re experiencing a weight loss plateau, consider these strategies from a weight loss clinic to maintain or kickstart your weight loss.

  1. Check your meal portions.

    Make sure you’re building balanced meals with plenty of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables. If you’re adding carbs to your meals, choose complex or whole-grain carbs over refined carbs.

  2. Jot down in your food diary.

    Keeping track of the food you consume provides concrete information about how much you’re taking in. Aside from tracking down your food, mood, and exercise for the day, monitoring your food intake includes tracking down the calories and macronutrients in the food you eat.

    Keeping a food diary offers accountability and helps you determine if you need to make some changes to your diet to lose weight again.

  3. Exercise more frequently or more intensely.

    Revving up your exercise regimen may help reverse a weight loss plateau. Increased intensity during exercise increases your metabolic rate, which slows down as you lose weight.

  4. Get more protein.

    Protein is by far the most filling nutrient. When a person consumes more protein, they burn more calories and are less hungry. They also keep you full for more extended periods, which is beneficial for weight loss.

    Good quality protein helps you burn more calories, reduce your cravings for processed food, and reduce nighttime snacking.

  5. Stay hydrated.

    It has been proven that drinking water may facilitate weight loss. Did you know that water has no calories? Drinking water also keeps you full, reduces your appetite, boosts your metabolism, burns more calories, and makes you feel better. Our bodies function more efficiently if we are hydrated.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Bubolo Medical

Weight Loss Clinic Atlanta GAThere is more to weight loss than just eating less and working out more. One of the best ways to get yourself out of a weight loss plateau is by visiting a weight loss clinic.

Thankfully, a weight loss clinic here in Atlanta will help you with your weight loss journey.

Getting professional weight loss guidance from a weight loss clinic is a comprehensive approach guaranteed to help you lose weight. It offers personalized weight loss programs to help you achieve your goals.

We at Bubolo Medical take a comprehensive approach to fast weight loss. At our quick weight loss center in Atlanta, we have a team of weight loss doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to provide you with a quick weight loss plan tailored to your individual weight loss goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Bubolo Medical has a great weight loss clinic that will help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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Exercise is beneficial to your health. Find out how exercises can be incorporated into a medical weight loss program in Atlanta.

 Medical Weight Loss Atlanta GAWhat if you could feel better, have more energy, and even live a longer, healthier life?

You just need to exercise or medical weight loss in Atlanta, GA, is what you need.  

Exercise is one of the most critical factors in a medical weight loss program.

Not only that, but regular physical activity is actually very good for you. Anyone can benefit from exercise, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. 

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is the safest and fastest way to lose weight! Atlanta’s medical weight loss programs do not use cookie-cutter approaches to ensure success.

We offer personalized weight loss and weight management programs to ensure that they work for you and your body. 


Bubolo Medical offers a holistic and medically supervised weight loss and management program. Our team of doctors, medical technicians, nutritionists, and coaches will monitor you every step of the way. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge to keep the results for a long time.

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Why should I exercise?

A healthy lifestyle requires regular physical activity. Regular exercise is essential for shedding pounds or maintaining a healthy weight. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should regularly exercise:

  • Controls weight

    Exercising can prevent excessive weight gain or help maintain weight loss. Engaging in physical activity burns calories. The more intense your activity, the more calories you burn. Also, remember that even a little activity is better than none.

    If you’re more active throughout the day, you’ll reap the benefits of exercise, such as walking instead of taking the elevator and doing household chores. It’s all about being consistent.

  • Reduces the risk of health conditions and diseases

    Regular exercise lowers the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, stroke, and depression. Exercise improves blood circulation and strengthens your heart.

    Increasing blood flow increases oxygen levels in your body. You are less likely to develop heart diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks. Regular exercise lowers your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

  • Improves mood

    When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that make you feel more relaxed and improve your mood. Exercise can make you feel happier and help you deal with stress, depression, and anxiety.

What exercises can I do at home to lose weight?

Now that we’ve established how good regular exercise is for you, you’re probably wondering what kind of exercises you can do.

Here are some activities you can do at home or in your neighborhood in Atlanta.

They’re easy, don’t require any equipment, and will pump your heart and burn lots of calories!

  • Walking or Running

    Running and walking are two of the best exercises for losing weight. They are convenient and don’t require any special equipment. The only thing you need is a pair of comfortable shoes!

    Walking and running both increase your heart rate, especially when you increase the intensity of your workout. Although brisk walking is a low-impact activity, it is just as effective at reducing the risk of heart disease as running, which burns more calories in less time.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is another low-impact exercise that helps you lose weight. There are active and more intense styles of yoga to help you burn more calories. Another benefit of yoga is that it allows you to become more mindful.

    It makes you more aware of what foods do to your body and mind and helps you resist food cravings. This makes yoga beneficial for people struggling to lose weight.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is a fun and effective way to reduce weight and get in shape. Additionally, it is a low-impact valuable exercise for people with injuries or joint pain. Even when you’re a beginner, swimming burns a lot of calories.

    Once you get into a routine, you can swim faster and harder to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. You can also improve flexibility and reduce your risk of contracting other diseases.

  • Jump Rope

    Jumping rope is not just for children. It is also an excellent full-body workout for adults that helps you burn calories and lose weight. It also improves your cardio and muscular strength.

    There are so many jump rope tricks that you can switch up to help you pump out your heart rate. Using a jump rope burns more calories faster than running! In addition, it strengthens your heart and improves your lung capacity.

  • Weight Training

    Weight training is another popular way to lose weight, such as lifting weights or using resistance bands. Your body weight also works as resistance, so you can try lunges, squats, and push-ups!

    Additionally, weight training can increase your resting metabolic rate, which measures how many calories your body burns when at rest. Weight training burns calories during and after a workout and helps build muscle mass.

Find the best medical weight loss program in Atlanta!

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta GAAt Bubolo Medical, we take a different approach to weight loss. Our Medical Weight Loss programs are designed to help you lose weight fast and safely!

Bubolo Medical is a premier facility for hormone therapy in Georgia, with locations in Atlanta and Acworth, GA. We’ve been serving our patients for 20 years.

We specialize in women’s health, men’s health, medical weight loss, and facial aesthetics. We at Bubolo Medical in Atlanta are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring. Bubolo Medical offers personalized medical weight loss programs to help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us today at (404) 383-8252 for a consultation!

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Losing weight is one of the most common goals. What if you could achieve quick weight loss results?

Quick Weight Loss Center Atlanta GALosing weight can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. 

Several options are available if you’re looking for quick weight loss results without exercising.

Check out these tips from a weight loss center in Atlanta.

Here are six ways to lose weight fast without breaking a sweat.

  1. Cut out processed foods – Eating processed foods can quickly lead to weight gain, as they are often high in calories and unhealthy fats. It’s important to eliminate these from your diet. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods instead. This will help you feel fuller for longer and reduce your overall calorie intake.

  2. Drink plenty of water – Water is essential for healthy weight loss. Research shows that drinking water can boost metabolism and help you burn more calories. To lose weight fast without exercising, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  3. Eat plenty of protein – Protein is another key nutrient for weight loss. It helps you feel fuller for longer, reduces cravings, and boosts metabolism. To lose weight fast, make sure to include plenty of high-quality protein in your diet.

  4. Eat fiber-rich foods – Fiber is another key nutrient for weight loss. It helps keep you feeling full and satisfied, reducing overall calorie intake. Fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are a great way to shed pounds.

  5. Avoid sugary drinks – Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the biggest culprits for weight gain. They’re high in calories and can quickly sabotage your weight loss goals. Avoid drinking sugary drinks like soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks.

  6. Get enough sleep – Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain by disrupting hormones that regulate appetite. Make sure to get enough sleep each night. Aim for at least seven hours per night.

When Working With a Weight Loss Center May be More Beneficial

Sometimes trying to lose weight on your own can seem daunting, lonely, and overwhelming. Working with a professional to achieve quick weight loss results in Atlanta, GA could be in your best interest. With a quick and easy weight-loss program specially formulated for each individual, the weight-loss experts can help you lose weight fast. 

Having 24/7 support and guidance to help keep you on track and motivated is needed for some people, and that’s okay. You’re not alone; many people benefit from having someone along on the journey with them.

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Who Would Benefit From Working With a Weight Loss Center?

Weight loss programs are for a variety of people. If you identify with any of the following, you should consider working with a weight loss expert and have someone help with your journey.

  • People who want to lose weight quickly
  • People with a lot of weight to lose
  • People who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight on their own
  • People who don’t have time to exercise
  • People who don’t enjoy exercising
  • People who are struggling with emotional eating or binge eating

If you agree to any of the points above, a medical weight loss center in Atlanta, GA, may be a great option for you. With personalized guidance and support, you can lose weight fast and feel better.

Not everyone who wants to lose weight struggles with obesity, but it is a concern for many people. Here are some warning signs of obesity (aside from weight gain):

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive sweating
  • Joint or back pain
  • Intolerant to heat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Skinfold infections
  • Sleeping difficulties

Do You Have to Be Considered Obese to Benefit from a Weight Loss Program?

When you work with a medical weight loss center, you don’t have to be considered obese. Even if you just have a stubborn 30 pounds to lose, you can benefit tremendously from working with an expert.

What Results Can You Expect?

Quick Weight Loss Center Atlanta GAWhen working with our weight loss center in Atlanta, GA, you can expect quick weight loss results.

Depending on the person, how much will vary, but most people lose around 35 pounds in just ten weeks. It’s not uncommon for people to lose about 100 pounds with the program, and best of all – keep it off.

In addition to quick weight loss results, you can also expect to see several other health benefits. These can include improved energy levels, better sleep, reduced joint pain, and more. 

Unique Approach Matters

Everyone is different. Each person has different needs, and their body responds differently to various diets. Bubolo Medical in Atlanta, GA, prides itself on treating each person as an individual. 

We understand that when a plan works for someone, it may not work as well for the next person that walks into the center.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your consultation or call us at (404) 383-8252. Our first step is to discover your goals and concerns.

From there, we will take a personalized approach and create a weight loss plan for you. We will help you along the way. You will never feel alone when you work with our center in Atlanta, GA. 

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