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Belly Fat in Men: Why Weight Loss Matters

Best Weight Loss Program Atlanta GALosing belly fat is no easy feat. No matter how many crunches you do or how long you plank each week, these exercises won’t ensure a flat-as-a-pancake stomach. A good diet makes a difference, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Belly fat refers to the fat around the abdomen. There are two types of belly fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat sits under the skin, while visceral fat surrounds organs.

Having visceral fat is more harmful than having subcutaneous fat. Losing visceral fat is beneficial to your health and well-being. Let’s find out the best weight loss program in Atlanta and how it can help lose the harmful visceral fat!

Belly fat is bad for the health. You can lose belly fat when diet and exercise fail if you join Atlanta’s best weight loss program!

What Causes Belly Fat in Men?

When it comes to abdominal visceral fat, men tend to accumulate it more than pre-menopausal women. In men, abdominal visceral fat accumulates primarily due to high dietary fat intake, a strong independent predictor of mortality.

Common causes of excess belly fat include:

  • Poor diet (more trans fats and added sugar)
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Too much alcohol
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Poor sleep quality

Is Belly Fat Dangerous?

Being overweight is one of the leading causes of major diseases. About 90% of body fat is subcutaneous, which you feel just under your skin.

The other kind, which makes up about 10% of belly fat, is visceral or intra-abdominal fat hidden below the firm abdominal wall. Visceral fat is more dangerous as it surrounds internal organs.

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It puts you at a greater risk of serious medical issues. Excess belly fat can increase the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, asthma, and cancer.

How can I Lose My Belly Fat?

Diet and exercise are more effective in reducing belly fat than subcutaneous fat because lifestyle behaviors cause excess accumulation of visceral fat.

1. Focus on plant-based foods.

A healthy, balanced diet can help in losing weight, as well as improve their overall health.

Eating more whole fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates is essential to reduce dangerous fat around the organs. The best weight loss program includes a mix of a well-balanced diet and better lifestyle choices.

2. Avoid sugar, processed foods, and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Added sugar to foods can make you gain weight, making it bad for your health. The addition of sugar during food processing can increase abdominal and liver fat, leading to insulin resistance.

Minimizing sugar intake from processed foods and avoiding refined carbohydrates are also important, as these foods have low nutritional content. Skip the soft drinks, sugar-sweetened fruit juices, and high-sugar sports drinks.

3. Be more physically active.

Weight gain is one of the many health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Combining a balanced diet with regular exercise can help you lose belly fat faster and improve other cardiometabolic risk factors.

The best way to reduce visceral fat and increase lean muscle mass is to undertake aerobic exercises and strength training for 30 minutes a day on most days of the week.

4. Quit smoking.

Researchers say heavy smokers tend to develop more belly fat even though they may have better control of their overall weight.

Smoking increases belly fat, as well as many other serious health concerns. Quitting can significantly reduce the accumulation of belly fat and improve overall health.

5. Eat more healthy fats.

Ditch trans fats (also known as unhealthy fats), such as processed foods and fried foods. Dietary fat is not your enemy when trying to burn belly fat. Although it seems counterintuitive, eating healthy fats can increase satiety, which can reduce future weight gain.

Adding fatty foods will keep you full for a more extended period of time and reduces the urge to overeat. Include tuna, salmon, almonds, olive oil, and whole milk in your diet.

Find the Best Weight Loss Program in Atlanta!

Best Weight Loss Program Atlanta GAThere is more to weight loss than just eating less and working out more.

Weight loss is best accomplished by taking a long-term approach that ensures you lose weight and keep it off.

A weight loss clinic here in Atlanta involves a 3-step process to ensure you will successfully lose weight.

So what’s included in the best weight loss program in Atlanta?

  • Medical doctor examination – Your weight loss program will be customized to meet your needs.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling – Change your way of thinking about food and exercise to achieve success.
  • Lipo-B12 Injections – Lipo-B12 injections contain multiple vitamins and amino acids that help you burn fat faster.
  • Semaglutide injections – This FDA-approved medication demonstrated outstanding results in trials, with up to 40% of participants losing 20% of their body weight.
  • Weight loss tools – Use your iOS or Android device to keep track of your weight loss progress.

The best weight loss program is comprehensive and offers a personalized weight loss program to help you achieve your body goals.

We at Bubolo Medical provide the best weight loss program in Atlanta GA.

At our quick weight loss center in Atlanta, we have a team of weight loss doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to provide you with a quick weight loss plan tailored to your individual weight loss goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Bubolo Medical has a great weight loss clinic that will help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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Complement your menopause treatment plan with vitamin supplements to manage menopause symptoms.

Menopause Treatment Atlanta GAMenopause (and post-menopause) is not something women look forward to.

Symptoms associated with menopause can have a significant impact on one’s daily life, including work, relationships, family, and social life!

Menopause treatment is the best way to look and feel younger! Our treatment at Bubolo Medical in Atlanta includes hormone replacement therapy, which replaces low hormone levels. Aside from getting the treatment, ensure you get enough nutrients to help balance your hormones.

Menopause results from hormone imbalance, which affects a woman’s quality of life in various aspects. Menopause treatment in Atlanta can help you look and feel younger!

How does menopause affect the body?

Menopause occurs when women stop menstruating. Perimenopause is the period before menopause; it’s when symptoms gradually appear as estrogen levels in women drop.

Women may experience the following symptoms before or during menopause:

  • Dryness and thinning of the skin
  • Diminished sex drive and loss of sensitivity to stimulation
  • A decline in cognitive function
  • Depression and other mood changes
    • Hot flashes
    • Night sweats
    • Insomnia
    • Hair loss
    • Anxiety

Before and during menopause, as estrogen levels in the body decline, your risk of developing some health conditions increases. These health issues include osteoporosis (brittle bones), heart disease, and urinary incontinence.

Why do we need vitamins during menopause?

A nutrient-dense, well-balanced diet consists of plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, legumes, and healthy fats to regulate your hormones and minimize menopausal symptoms. However, our body absorbs nutrients differently as we age, so taking vitamin supplements is recommended.

Some vitamins may help ease menopause symptoms and support overall health. In addition to supporting a healthy lifestyle, vitamins and minerals can also support your overall health. During menopause, your nutritional needs change, and you may not be getting these essential nutrients from your diet alone.

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Vitamins are needed for various bodily functions. They also help prevent various health problems, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone loss, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

What happens during menopause treatment?

Menopause Treatment Atlanta GAMenopause treatment is a hormone replacement therapy that effectively treats the signs and symptoms associated with menopause, so women can look and feel their best. At Bubolo Medical in Atlanta, our team of hormone experts can design a personalized menopause treatment plan for women suffering from menopause.

It is possible to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of menopause through a holistic approach to menopause treatment. Women experiencing menopause can significantly improve their quality of life through Atlanta’s safe and convenient menopause treatment.

As we understand that not all patients with age-related hormone decline have the same symptoms or health goals, we custom design your menopause treatment plan to fit your exact symptoms, goals, and lifestyle.

Supplements and vitamins can improve your health and relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance during menopause. Add them to your menopause treatment plan.

Support your menopause treatment with these vitamins!

During menopause, hormone levels drop significantly, causing various health issues. Vitamins may help protect the body’s overall health and reduce discomfort.

It can be difficult to get enough vitamins from food alone. If you’re not getting enough, ask your doctor to recommend vitamin supplements with your menopause treatment.

  1. Vitamin A

    The human body can get vitamin A from two forms: retinol or beta-carotene. As vitamin A plays an important role in thyroid function, it plays an even greater role during menopause when hormonal changes add to the body’s stress.

    During menopause treatment, vitamin A also supports your immune system, vision, and skin health. Excellent dietary sources of vitamin A include beef and lamb liver, sweet potato, kale, carrots, and red peppers.

  2. Vitamin B6 and B12

    Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system, while vitamin B12 contributes to red blood cell production and energy production.

    These B vitamins help menopausal women prevent menopause depression, boost energy levels, and reduce hot flashes. They are also important in staving off cognitive decline and improving sleep quality.

  3. Vitamin D

    Menopause often leads to osteoporosis or brittle bones. The role of vitamin D in bone health is partly due to its effects on calcium absorption. Vitamin D is needed to produce osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens bones and boosts testosterone levels.

    Aside from its role in keeping bones strong, vitamin D in menopausal women also helps support brain function, decrease cognitive decline, and fight off menopause depression. Get your dose of vitamin D from sun exposure (use sunscreen!), olive oil, fatty fish, and avocados.

  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    The omega-3 fatty acids help maintain hormonal balance and provide the building blocks for making hormones needed for various body processes. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce menopausal symptoms and prevent hormone-related diseases.

    Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, promote good brain health, and boost mood, in addition to their role in hormone production and function. The omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in fish oil supplements, walnuts, egg yolks, and fatty fish.

Get the Best Menopause Treatment in Atlanta

At Bubolo Medical, we take a different approach to menopause treatment. We ensure that each treatment plan is customized depending on our patient’s needs and goals to achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort or side effects.

Bubolo Medical is one of the leading hormone therapy providers in Atlanta, GA, and has served patients with unwavering dedication for 20 years. We aim to balance all your hormones so that you can be your best self no matter your age!

Contact our Atlanta clinic today at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation on menopause treatment so you can stop missing out on doing all the things that you love in life.

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