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Erase Signs of Aging With Juvéderm

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At Bubolo Medical, we understand that men and women desire to look young. Our clinic offers Juvéderm, a dermal filler that will restore your face’s youthful freshness.

Juvéderm Acworth - Atlanta Metro GA

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring molecule in the skin. It’s a humectant: it binds to water to pump up the skin and give it that hydrated, dewy effect.

Hyaluronic acid, however, decreases with age. Weather conditions, certain skin care products, and underlying skin conditions can damage the protective skin barrier, allowing water to escape. This causes the skin to lose volume while wrinkles and folds appear.

That is why we offer one of the best anti-aging treatments in Atlanta and Acworth: Juvéderm dermal fillers. We can help restore your youth and regain your confidence with Juvéderm!

“The Juvéderm® collection offers various long-lasting fillers that add volume to different areas of the face, such as the lips, cheeks, and chin! We can cater to any individual's needs.”

How Does Juvéderm Work?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that delivers volume to the skin. It makes the skin supple and plump.

With Juvéderm, you can achieve long-lasting facelift results without surgery. Juvéderm is an FDA-approved injectable with modified hyaluronic acid that helps plump the skin to give it volume and fullness.

Juvéderm offers different long-lasting fillers designed for different needs in various face areas. Juvéderm dermal fillers vary in thickness and elasticity so that you can choose the right product for you and your skin concerns.

Juvéderm has various product lines under its arsenal:

Juvéderm VOLUX XC
This can improve jawline definition in moderate to severe cases.


Juvéderm VOLUMA® XC
This is an injectable gel used to correct age-related volume loss
in the cheek area and enhances the chin profile.


Juvéderm VOLLURE® XC, Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC and Juvéderm Ultra XC
These are for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds,
such as nasolabial folds. Injectable gels are used.


Juvéderm Ultra XC
This is injected into the lips and perioral area to enhance the lips.


This is an injectable gel that can be used for lip augmentation and
lines near the mouth and for improving the appearance of hollow under-eyes.

“With Juvedérm, you get a natural-looking lift in all the right places, giving you volume in different parts of your face.”

Why Choose Juvéderm

We provide PRP facials that can give you a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
It is an innovative treatment that enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Reduces signs of aging
Juvéderm addresses signs of aging, such as sagging skin,
thinning skin under the eyes, lines, wrinkles, and thinning lips.


Hydrates the skin

Juvéderm contains hyaluronic acid, which increases hydration in the skin,
keeping it healthy, complete, and bouncy.


Defines the jawline

The chin and jawline get droopy with age. Achieve defined cheekbones, fuller cheeks,
and improved jawline and chin profile with Juvedérm.


No “overfilled face”

Achieve a natural-looking result with Juvéderm.
You want to look like you, whether smiling, laughing, or frowning.


Little to no downtime

The non-surgical nature of Juvéderm means no downtime and recovery!
After the treatment, most people can resume their daily routines.

Where Can I Use Juvéderm?

Got skin concerns? We got you covered.

Using Juvéderm dermal fillers, our doctors at Bubolo Medical will create a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals and facial structure.


Juvéderm is commonly used to improve the following areas:

  • Deep wrinkles on the forehead
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Thin lips
  • Sagging jawline
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth

What Can I Expect from Juvéderm?

Juvéderm requires little or no downtime. In most cases, you can go about your daily routine as soon as your procedure is finished. The treated area may experience bruising, sensitivity, itching, swelling, and redness, but it usually subsides in a few hours.

Juvéderm’s hyaluronic acid micro-injection nourishes the skin from the inside, improving facial contours and reducing wrinkles by improving problem areas. Each session lasts between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the treated area.

What’s convenient about this Juvéderm is that there is no downtime. It takes only a few minutes for Juverderm® to smooth, plump, and volumize the face after injection.

These immediate results are an excellent form of instant gratification, but the patient usually needs to wait a couple of weeks before Juvederm results are fully realized.

Juvéderm results may vary from person to person as they metabolize and respond to injectables differently. In most cases, Juvéderm lasts between 12 to 18 months, but some patients report the effects can last longer.

Juvéderm is exceptionally safe when administered by our medical professionals at Bubolo Medical in Atlanta and Acworth.

Achieve Younger Skin in No Time with Juvéderm!

Juvéderm is not just an excellent anti-aging treatment for men and women.
You can get a more symmetrical and younger-looking face in minutes.
Juvéderm can be used safely and effectively to make you look and feel younger.

Call us today today to see what Juvéderm can do for your skin! Contact Bubolo Medical
at (770) 282-1852 for a free consultation so we can help you
choose the best treatment well-suited for your facial features and concerns. !

What Makes Us Different?

At Bubolo Medical, we understand that everyone has different aesthetic concerns and goals.
We will customize your Juvéderm treatment to meet your unique needs and facial features.
We can help you make you look younger!

About Bubolo Medical

Bubolo Medical is the Atlanta and Acworth area’s premier facility for body contouring, weight loss programs, and aesthetic treatments. Providing one-on-one personalized care, the Bubolo Medical Aesthetics team discusses all your options to achieve the desired results with you.

Our services aim to help you achieve the look and feel you desire without altering your natural beauty and look, only enhancing it. We customize each treatment option to provide the most beneficial route to a healthier, more youthful, and rejuvenated you.

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common questions about juvéderm

What is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a brand of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. It is used to restore facial contours and improve signs of aging (such as loss of volume). Dermal fillers are injected on the face, specifically the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

When will I see the results?

Dermal fillers take up space beneath the skin as soon as they’re injected, so you’ll see an immediate difference in your skin’s appearance. You will usually notice the most noticeable changes to your skin within two weeks.

What areas can you use Juvedérm?

Dermal fillers are injected into different areas of the face, like the cheeks, lips, forehead, and mouth.

Is Juvedérm painful?

Our specialists use a fine needle to inject the dermal filler into your skin. A numbing agent (lidocaine) is also used. A pinching sensation is expected during this process, and recovery should be painless.

Is Juvéderm safe?

Yes, it is! Juvéderm is an FDA-approved treatment for improving the loss of jawline definition, augmenting the lips, improving the appearance of undereye hollows, correcting age-related volume loss, and correcting facial wrinkles and folds.

Is Juvéderm permanent?

Juvéderm is not a permanent treatment, but its effects are long-lasting. They can last between 12 to 18 months, while some patients say they can last up to 2 years. With more Juvéderm injections, wrinkles and lines will appear less severe, and your injections will last longer.



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