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Sudden hair loss can lead to anxiety, depression, and social phobia. Also, People experiencing hair loss lose interest and pleasure in participating in social activities. Balding or hair loss is due to aging, hormonal changes, or heredity, and it can either be temporary or permanent.

If you’re experiencing premature hair loss or baldness (excessive hair loss), you should address this problem at its onset. We offer both the Artas machine and a traditional FUE hair transplant procedure. You can choose between the two if you’re a candidate for either one. That said, here is all that you should know about.

What is Artas Hair Transplant?

It’s a hair transplant machine that uses less invasive methods to restore your hair. The innovative Artas Hair Transplant machine uses robotic technology to select the healthiest hair for transplanting; it does this carefully without causing damage to the surrounding follicles.

Artas prevents incisions, scarring, and stitching on the scalp’s skin, which leaves it looking healthy. By the end of the procedure, both the donor area and the transplant area of the scalp grow hair naturally.

While the strip method also achieves the desired results, this medical procedure is invasive in restoring hair to a balding area. It also takes a few months to heal as the hair follicles quickly take root, leaving a scar on the transplant area.

How Artas Selects Healthy Follicles for Transplant

At 35 years, about 65% of American men start to experience hair thinning, and by 50, at least 85% notice significant hair loss. The hair at the top and front of the scalp is genetically predisposed to fall out. The levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increases as you age. High DHT levels cause thinning, deterioration, and falling out of the hair follicles.

Naturally, the hair at the top and front are more sensitive to DHT than those at the sides and back, making the latter more healthy and suitable for transplanting. Using precision robotics and digital imaging, Artas® selects healthy follicles that have not been affected by DHT, and it transplants them in the recipient area.

Since the surrounding hair follicles are not touched, the Artas® Hair Transplant Machine ensures that the hair at the back and sides remains thick while the hair follicles in the transplant area take root and grow healthy.

In addition, there’s no scarring on the donor or the recipient area as the procedure is minimally invasive.

Preparing for Your Artas Hair Transplant procedure

Before your procedure, you must get a clean shave so that your hair is short and even and no longer than 1 millimeter. This short length makes it easier for the Artas® Hair Transplant machine to scan your hair follicles accurately and insert the new follicles precisely on your hairline and the crown of your head.

If you are anxious about the transition from a long to a short hairstyle, you can schedule pre-procedure haircuts at your salon. You can gradually reduce the hair size over several weeks. This way, your hair will be just the right size on the day of the procedure.

Over time, you will start feeling more comfortable in your short hairstyle. And your family and colleagues at work will get accustomed to your new look before your hairline grows thick and healthy. You can consult Bubolo Hair Restoration Center to enquire about the appropriate hair length you need to have before the procedure can begin.

In addition, there’s no scarring on the donor or the recipient area as the procedure is minimally invasive.

What to expect on the Artas Hair Transplant day

It’s advisable to wear light, comfortable clothes on the day of the procedure. Your shirt should have a front zipper or buttons. You should also bring a comfortable and loosely fitting hat to wear after the hair restoration procedure.

The doctor administers a local anesthetic before the procedure to numb the hair donor and recipient areas. And so you will be awake during the medical hair transplant. For this reason, carry a book or ear pods to listen to music while the Artas® Hair Transplant machine performs the procedure.

And if you need a break in the middle of the procedure, we allow you to take short breaks to stretch your legs, grab a quick snack, or use the restroom. After the Artas® Hair Transplant Machine completes the hair restoration procedure, we advise you on your post-procedural care to help you recover and grow healthy hair.

Post-care involves simple habits such as shampooing and cleaning the new hair follicles for a few weeks. Gradually, this new hair will start to grow normally like your back hair. Eventually, you will be able to comb, cut, and style it once it grows big.

Advances in Hair Restoration

Using advanced technology, we perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and transplants for hair restoration. Doctors at Bubolo Hair Restoration Center perform minimally invasive procedures to restore hair. This procedure is superior to the more invasive strip method of hair restoration for a few good reasons.

The follicle extraction and placement procedure are minimally invasive.
The use of digital imaging and robotic technology enhances precision in placing individual hair follicles.
The Artas® Hair Transplant Machine performs a non-risky procedure with fast and successful recoveries and new hair growth.

You get a natural-looking hairline that is symmetrical without any scarring. The new follicles continue to grow normally, at the same pace as the previously existing hair follicles.

What are the Other benefits of the Artas Hair Transplant Machine?

Artas® addresses hair loss using modern technology. This hair transplant machine has many benefits over traditional hair restoration techniques. Apart from achieving a natural-looking hairline, patients experience no pain during and after the procedure.

This painless process is ideal for restoring hair. And since it’s minimally invasive, there are low chances of getting infections and itching on your scalp. Artas® is the best for replacing hair that is thinning out without leaving scars on the hairline.

Digital imaging of the Artas® Hair Transplant Machine makes the procedure precise, and the hair follicles are placed close to each other for thick and fuller hair. Patients who have undergone successful Artas® Hair Transplants have higher self-esteem and confidence in public, and they are free to indulge in social events without feeling awkward and self-conscious.

Other Non-Invasive procedures

Apart from the Artas® Hair Transplant Machine, other non-invasive procedures can stimulate healthy hair growth. But always remember to use only the FDA-approved medication. You should only take these medications under prescription. These are the two FDA-approved medicines for controlling hair loss and boosting hair growth.


rogaine (minoxidil)


This drug was initially created in the 1950s as an ulcer treatment and further developed to treat an enlarged prostate. By chance, the side effect of Rogaine was treating hair loss.
Although it’s not fully clear how Rogaine works, it may work by dilating the blood vessels.

As the hair thins out, it gets increasingly difficult for blood vessels to deliver blood to the delicate follicles. As Rogaine dilates the blood vessel, they deliver vital nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to follicles. While this drug does not prevent hair fall, it enables the hair follicles to survive an otherwise hostile environment caused by an increasing DHT sensitivity.


propecia (finasteride)


This medicine treats androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness). First approved in 1992, Finasteride targets DHT, sometimes with unpleasant side effects. It works by blocking DHT production and can lead to a low sex drive, even after you cease taking medication.

For this reason, Artas® Hair Transplant Machine is your safest option for restoring your hair growth. Unlike medication, you will not experience any adverse effects during and after the medical procedure.

We are the Hair Restoration experts.

The medical professionals at the Bubolo Hair Restoration Center offer World Class hair restoration services. Using both Artas and NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedures, we restore healthy and normal hair growth after a hair loss encounter.

Bubolo Hair Restoration Center has the best medical professionals in the Southeast that restore hair thickness and growth using modern robotic technology. We are approved and recognized by the American Society of Hair Restoration (ASHR), and we are experts at restoring hair using the Artas® Hair Transplant Machine. We have the patient volume to offer perhaps the most affordable hair transplants in the country without any loss of procedure quality making it the logical choice between getting a hair transplant here or in a foreign country such a Turkey or Mexico.

Our medical professionals in Atlanta GA or Tampa, Florida, can help you restore your self-esteem with healthy and thick hair growth. You can call us at
770-975-1299 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our hair restoration treatments.

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