Our medical weight loss program is trusted by over 20,000 satisfied patients. It includes FDA approved weight loss medications, nutrition and health coaching, hormone replacement therapy, and an easy-to-use web application where you can track your calories, exercise, and weight loss goals.

Our Three-Step Weight Loss Process

Our Three-Step Weight Loss Process
Schedule a free consultation to determine if our program is right for you. No obligation. Absolutely no pressure.
Custom Program
We'll design a custom program just for you - after a complete medical examination.
Get weekly one-on-one accountability visits to help you meet your weight loss goals. We're on this journey with and for you.

What's Included In Our Weight Loss Program

FDA approved medication

Our physicians use FDA approved medications to help suppress your appetite.

Medical doctor examination

We'll design a customized weight loss program tailored to meet your goals.

Nutrition & fitness

Succeed by making a lifestyle change in the way you see food and exercise.

Lipo - B12 injections

Lipo-B12 injections contain multiple vitamins and amino acids that helps your body burn fat at a rapid pace.

Weight loss tools

Monitor your weight loss progress from the application or your mobile device.

Dispensed on site *

We dispense your FDA approved appetite suppressing medication on-site.

* Not available at all locations.
Hormone replacement therapy

Reduce caloric intake while protecting your muscle and resetting your metabolism.

Testosterone therapy

Set testosterone levels back to normal. Allow your body to function at optimal levels.

This program is terrific. It really works, I have lost over 90 pounds and I recommend this for anyone who has been looking for the best way to lose weight.

Eric W Eric W

I was extremely overweight, had no energy. I have successfully lost 126 pounds and went from a size 28-30 pant size to a size 16. I highly recommend Bubolo Medical Weight Loss, I am proof it works.

Donna R. Donna R.

I had high blood pressure and could only walk 5 minutes without getting fatigued. After 4 months on the program I have lost 58lbs. I can walk for 60+ minutes now and my blood pressure has greatly improved.

Sheldon Sheldon
Real People Stories

Tears & High Fives

Fiona's Story
From 155 LBS TO 132 LBS

Not only did she lose weight, but our program also motived her to start working out and making permanent lifestyle changes!

Eric's Story

Eric lost 93 pounds and couldn't be more excited about the results!

Jocelyn's Story
Lost 35 LBS IN 10 Weeks

She's excited about the results, her experience with the caring staff and has experienced the added benefit of mental and emotional optimism!


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