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Get the low down on testosterone from a testosterone doctor in Atlanta.

Testosterone Doctor Atlanta GAWe all know how important hormones are to the body. Basically, balanced hormones allow us to perform optimally at work and in our personal lives.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males but has important functions in females. Low testosterone leads to health issues, and we don’t want that!

We asked a testosterone doctor in Atlanta about how to manage your testosterone levels! You can also get a testosterone replacement therapy program to balance your hormone levels and improve your quality of life.

Hormones play a crucial role in our health and well-being, and being in balance is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Speak to the best testosterone doctor in Atlanta today.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the critical male sex hormone naturally produced by the human body. Testosterone plays a significant role in male reproductive tissues and organs in males, promoting secondary sexual characteristics like developing pubic hair and deepening voices.

Although testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males, females also have testosterone. Testosterone has several functions, such as:

  • sex drive
  • bone mass
  • fat distribution and storage
  • muscle growth
  • red blood cell production
  • sperm production

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What Causes Testosterone Levels in Men to Decline?

Despite what many people believe, decreased testosterone is not just a problem that happens to old men. From a testosterone doctor’s point of view, here are a variety of factors that can affect your testosterone levels:

  • ​Food – It’s time to evaluate your food choices, starting with your fridge and pantry. Some foods promote estrogen-like hormones in the body either directly or through testosterone conversion.

    Too much high-fat, processed, and high-sugar food can cause belly fat. This belly fat excretes an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. The more estrogen circulating in the body, the lower testosterone levels become.

  • Alcohol and Caffeine – Along with foods that affect your testosterone levels, there are also beverages to avoid, such as beer, wine, and caffeinated drinks.

    It has been found that even moderate consumption of alcohol can result in a 6.8% drop in testosterone levels. Moreover, consuming 200 mg or more of caffeine results in elevated estrogen levels

  • Poor Sleep Quality – Many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation.

    It is increasingly recognized that poor sleep quality and poor sleep duration negatively affect the testosterone levels of middle-aged and even young men. Skipping sleep reduces a young man’s testosterone levels by the same amount as aging by 10 to 15 years.

  • Lack of Sexual Activity – Serum testosterone levels may decline because of decreased sexual activity and desire rather than erectile dysfunction.

    Reductions in sexual function appeared to be strongly associated with lower serum testosterone levels. Regular sexual activity can raise testosterone levels. As testosterone levels rise after sexual activity, feel-good hormones will have a generally beneficial effect on the body.

What is Normal Testosterone By Age?

Testosterone Doctor Atlanta GAAccording to the American Urological Association, testosterone doctors should use a total testosterone level below 300 ng/dL as a reasonable cut-off in support of the diagnosis of low testosterone.

To diagnose testosterone deficiency, patients must have low testosterone levels combined with symptoms and/or signs.

It’s expected for peak testosterone levels to arrive in a man’s teenage years—around 18 or 19—before it starts to decline. The testosterone level in men decreases with age. Male adults should have testosterone levels between 240 and 950 ng/dL.

What Foods and Supplements Can Help with My Testosterone Levels?

  • Vitamin D – Studies have shown that low vitamin D concentrations may reduce testosterone production.

    Men with low vitamin D concentrations may consider vitamin D supplements to boost their testosterone levels and fertility. Food sources for vitamin D include salmon, tuna, sardines, beef liver, and egg yolk.

  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an adaptogen believed to help the body adapt to and manage stress.

    Men’s health benefits associated with Ashwagandha include enhancing sexual desire, boosting testosterone and sperm count, and improving erectile dysfunction.

  • Magnesium – The role of magnesium in testosterone production may be crucial. Magnesium increases total and free testosterone in men, particularly in active men.

    It has been shown that magnesium supplementation combined with resistance training may increase testosterone production in men. Food sources for magnesium include spinach, kale, collard greens, and avocados.

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – DHEA is a steroid hormone created in the adrenal glands. DHEA is a precursor of many other hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen.

    DHEA’s androgenic activity is weak, so it is not considered in most cases. However, it behaves similarly to testosterone in certain tissues. DHEA transforms into testosterone when it does, and when it does, it has very high androgenic activity.

Testosterone doctors will help you restore your testosterone levels to their optimal level. You can get back to enjoying life with our unique approach to testosterone therapy!

Visit A Testosterone Doctor from Atlanta

Bubolo Medical has the best testosterone doctors in Atlanta. Our team offers a fully-supervised testosterone replacement therapy that improves your sexual life and increases your bone density, muscle mass, and heart health.

As you age, it is possible to become a stronger, more energetic version of yourself.

Bubolo Medical is a premier medical wellness center in Atlanta, Georgia. We have 20 years of unwavering dedication to satisfying our patients.

Contact Bubolo Medical at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation to learn how our testosterone doctors can help you!

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Discover ways to keep the weight off you’ve lost this summer with tips from our weight loss center in Atlanta.

Weight Loss Center Atlanta GAIt’s the end of summer, and it’s autumn soon. You’ve managed to maintain your healthy weight amidst the cocktails and barbecues you’ve consumed over the past few months.

However, the autumn season brings new challenges: pumpkin lattes, apple pies, and the holiday season itself. Can you keep the weight off that you’ve worked so hard to lose?

Don’t worry! It may be harder to lose weight in the fall, but our weight loss center in Atlanta can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

A weight loss center offers personalized weight loss programs guaranteed to help you lose and maintain weight.

Why is it Hard to Lose Weight During Autumn?

1. Fall seems to be about comfort foods.

Marketing campaigns and advertisements focus on being comfortable in sweats and flannel pajamas, all while eating comfort foods, pies, and hot sweet drinks.

Stay on track and avoid fall marketing. Stick to your strategies all year round, making a few tweaks here and there, but without getting too off track.

2. No urgent “activities.”

Unlike during summer, when you can go on a spontaneous getaway to the beach or the lake, there are no “urgent activities” in the fall to show off your hot bod. The weather is cooler, so you want to snuggle in your pajamas all day.

Make the most of the autumn weather to prep you for your weight loss journey. It’s neither hot nor cold, making it ideal for outdoor exercises or gardening!

Lose Weight and Maintain It This Autumn

The transition from summer to fall is always the toughest. The air gets cooler, the food gets heavier, and we have less motivation to get out and move.

Don’t lose your mojo this fall. Always keep on track of your weight loss journey with these tips from our medical weight loss center in Atlanta:

1. Continue being active.

So your summer was loaded with activities that kept you active and on your toes. Keep the momentum of summer activities going by enrolling and pre-paying for your exercise classes this fall. This will motivate you to stick to an activity after a busy summer.

2. Prep your veggies in advance.

We all know how nutritious vegetables are, so always include them on your plate. Fall produce is not just about pumpkins! Other seasonal produce picks are just as healthy and loaded with good-for-you nutrients.

Head to your favorite farmers’ market and load up on carrots, kale, zucchini, butternut squash, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

The great thing about these vegetables is that they can be cooked in large batches on one day of the week, then stored in the fridge. When it’s time to eat, just reheat them and add your favorite protein for a well-balanced meal.

3. Enjoy the outdoors.

The weather in Atlanta is much cooler in fall than in the summer, so it’s a great time to consider outdoor activities to get your heart pumping.

Why not try cycling, and push it to another level by changing terrains? Your weight loss journey will be more effective if you ride longer to maximize your endurance.

Hiking with friends is another great outdoor activity this autumn. It provides a good strengthening workout for your leg muscles.

4. Snack on fruits.

During the fall, there’s lots of delicious, healthy fruit available. Fruit abundant in autumn is an excellent snack for satisfying your cravings and a refreshing alternative to heavy food in the winter.

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and potassium, which promote a healthy heart and improve blood pressure. Cranberries are high in fiber and probiotics, which are great for your gut. Grapes are packed with polyphenols and vitamin K, which help build stronger bones.

5. Write up your weight loss goals.

Most of our weight loss patients find it really helpful to jot down their master plan for weight loss. Making a list of your specific and realistic goals will assist you in incorporating them into your schedule and helping you achieve them.

For example, write down your gym schedule every Monday and Thursday while limiting your snacks to only including single-serving of fruits, nuts, and yogurt twice daily.

6. Don’t forget portion control.

We don’t want you to deprive yourself of all the comfort foods available during autumn. Just make sure to control your portion sizes to prevent overindulging. For example, use smaller plates or glasses to reduce the amount of food and drink you consume.

You can also use your plate as a portion guide, with half of your plate composed of vegetables. This is another sure way to curb your total food intake.

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Find the Best Weight Loss Center in Atlanta!

Weight Loss Center Atlanta GAThere is more to weight loss than just eating less and working out more.

Weight loss is best accomplished by taking a long-term approach that ensures you lose weight and keep it off.

A weight loss center in Atlanta involves a 3-step process to ensure you successfully lose weight.

The best weight loss program is comprehensive and offers a personalized weight loss program to help you achieve your body goals.

We at Bubolo Medical provide the best weight loss program. At our weight loss center in Atlanta, we have a team of weight loss doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to give you a weight loss plan tailored to your individual weight loss goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Bubolo Medical has a great weight loss center that will help you achieve your body goals safely and quickly. Contact us at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation! Our goal is for you to lose weight and maintain it long-term, even without our constant monitoring.

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