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Medical Weight Loss Hack: 4 Foods to Avoid This Fall

An expert from a medical weight loss clinic in Atlanta shared the top foods to avoid to prevent weight gain.

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta GAWe know that the fall season makes it extra hard to lose weight. Combining comfort foods, the cooler weather, and holiday parties are a recipe for disaster in reaching our weight loss goals.

You’ll have to sweat it out a little if you want to lose weight. Having the wrong food in your kitchen and eating the wrong food may make that process more difficult. And yes, those calorie-rich desserts during a holiday party are not doing you any good.

Make sure you have access to nutritious foods and keep junk food out of the house or tucked away in a place where it’s harder to reach in order to lose weight effectively.

According to our medical weight loss expert here in Atlanta, here are the top foods you should avoid this fall. It will also be helpful to consider Atlanta’s leading medical weight loss program.

Now is the time to eliminate foods from your pantry contributing to your weight loss struggles.

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

Before we get into diet-sabotaging foods, we want to clarify one thing: you can still enjoy all of these items while losing weight–eat them in moderation. We know Atlanta has a lot of good food options, and we don’t want you to starve yourself. It’s time to be more cautious about the things we eat.

Remember that this list does not include obvious diet villains such as candy and cookies. It’s time to expose some sneaky offenders that hide behind the guise of being “healthy” when they make it hard for us to lose weight.

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Start losing weight today by avoiding these diet-sabotaging foods.

  1. Calorie-dense drinks

    Fall is a great time to enjoy hot chocolate, egg nog, pumpkin spice lattes, and other autumn-inspired drinks. However, they tend to be high in calories, almost as much as a meal! Most autumn-inspired drinks contain 250 to 350 calories!

    They have high amounts of sugar and saturated fat, yet they lack protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain optimal weight.

    Drinking water (which has no calories) or other low-calorie drinks such as tea or coffee can help you avoid these sugary drinks. Water also helps you feel fuller for extended periods and hydrates you! Make sure you burn off those calories after you indulge in a cup or two of hot chocolate!

  2. Canned soup

    There’s nothing better than a bowl of warm, savory soup on a cold night. You might reach for canned soup from your pantry when the weather cools. They’re much easier to prepare and are more convenient than homemade soup. Who has time to create a soup from scratch these days?

    But did you know that canned foods, including canned soup, are usually heavily processed already? Canned soups contain some vitamins and fiber, although the processing may remove most nutrients. Plus, they’re highly acidic, sodium-packed, and may contain BPA.

    Try making soup at home this fall instead via meal prep. Prepare and cook a big batch of nutritious, homemade soup at the start of the week, portion them into smaller servings, then freeze. Just heat a serving from the freezer when you’re up for soup on a cold night.

  3. Granola

    Granola bars are a tempting snack when you’re on the go. Granola bars seem healthy and wise to boost your energy before a long meeting or before a party without stuffing yourself.

    However, granola bars could be sneaky. They tend to contain a lot of added sugars, fats, and processed ingredients, so they’re less healthy than they seem. It’s as if you’re eating a candy bar.

    Swap them with protein bars with calcium, potassium, fiber, and iron instead. These help promote weight loss and help you gain muscle mass.

  4. Baked goods

    The day after Labor Day marks the beginning of the baking season. However, those yummy cookies, pies, and muffins are packed with saturated fat, sugar, and calories; some are even deep-fried! In Atlanta, a usual pastry (cookies, pies, and donuts) has about 240 to 430 calories with around 11 to 23 grams of fat.

    According to the American Heart Association, only 30% of calories should come from fat, which is about 65 grams in a 2000-calorie diet. You’ve met your daily fat requirements with a couple of cookies or donuts with your coffee.

    Let’s be honest; we wouldn’t advocate giving up sweets, especially during this super-festive time, but everything in moderation, folks. You should only have one cookie (well, two should be fine) instead of five.

Avoid Fall Weight Gain with Atlanta’s Medical Weight Loss Program

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