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What New Quick-Fix ED Treatments Aren’t Telling You

If you have been searching for a solution to Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation, chances are you have come across fast and cheap options such as ForHims or GetRomans.

These medications are easily available online and claim to help you be ready whenever on a moment’s notice.

ForHims GetRoman Viarga ed pillsWhile these treatments are convenient and very cheap, the downside is that they only give you a one-time solution and a pretty small window of opportunity.

The active ingredient in these pills is called Sildenafil, the same one found in Viagra.

Sildenafil does, in fact, help improves your ability to get an erection – but only for a short period of time.

Not only that, but it also doesn’t help heal and correct the underlying issues, leaving you right back where you started.

ForHims and GetRoman treatments can help you for the night but will leave you lacking and dependent in the long run if there is a real underlying issue.

What Really Causes Male Dysfunction?

If you have been struggling to maintain an erection, blood is having a difficult time being diverted sufficiently to the penis. The blood vessels responsible for triggering a healthy erection are likely damaged in this scenario.

Health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even anxiety and depression can cause lasting damage to blood flow throughout the body. This results from blood vessels becoming hardened and clogged, which makes them less able to effectively deliver blood, especially for erections.

Premature ejaculation is also a health issue that has underlying causes that should be assessed by professionals. Oversensitivity, weak pelvic floor muscles, and other psychological factors can be a result of a lack of experience, performance anxiety, or even an injury to the groin. Sildenafil does nothing to address these problems.

Both of these are real medical issues that require proper treatment to correct. Simple pill regimens like ForHims and GetRoman can help you to perform within a short 30-minute window if it is an emergency, but they will not help you in spontaneous moments.

Consider two different scenarios:

One patient chooses to stick with ForHims treatments over a 2-year span. The other chooses to seek professional help and fix the problems causing his sexual issues for good. As you might expect, the first patient ends up spending more money over time and ends up still dependent on the medication after all of that time.

ForHims and GetRoman solution for erectile dysfunctionThe other patient, however, has slowly begun to heal and improve healthy blood flow from his professional advice and treatment regimen.

He is now able to enjoy sex spontaneously whenever the moment is right without worrying about that stressful 30-minute window.

As an added bonus, he is also not financially dependent on medication, either.

Why neglect the issue that is causing the problem in the first place?

Some of our patients have seen results that last them anywhere from 2-5+ years. The financial and mental benefits of this path make it a much wiser decision. Don’t become reliant on cheap band-aid solutions that neglect your well-being and get the care you deserve!

The Bubolo Medical Difference

Advancements in modern ED treatments have given our team the ability to help give you:

  • More spontaneous erections
  • Enhanced sensation
  • More girth and firmness

We accomplish this by offering comprehensive, medically proven therapy. Based on your situation, we may offer a treatment that uses pulsed acoustic waves (originally used to improve blood flow to the heart) to break up clogging in key blood vessels and stimulate the generation of fresh new ones.

The pulsed acoustic waves therapy is key for healing ED properly and giving you sexual confidence for years to come. No pills, chemicals, surgery, or one-time solutions here.

The treatment is also non-invasive and can provide long-lasting results compare to ForHims and GetRoman!

Based on your initial consultation with our men’s health specialists, we will develop a personalized plan for treatment. This plan will consist of assessing your current health and applying a full-spectrum treatment regimen that may include diet recommendations or hormone therapy to ensure optimal health.

If you would like to feel more sexually confident and empowered than ever before, contact us today and experience the difference that real, professional treatment can give you. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve!

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