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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Atlanta: 8 Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can influence your overall quality of life, but you can change it.

Do you have unexplained weight gain in Atlanta, GA? Perhaps you have trouble sleeping or constantly forget where you last put your keys. Your hormones may be to blame. Thankfully, bioidentical hormone therapy in Atlanta, GA can help you with that.

Why are hormones important?

Biodentical Hormone Therapy Atlanta GAHormones are chemicals produced by glands in the endocrine system.

They are released into the bloodstream and are important for functioning. Basically, hormones tell the tissues and organs what they are supposed to do.

Hormones are responsible for one’s mood, metabolism, physical, and sexual and reproductive functions.

Age causes our hormone levels to fluctuate, impacting our ability to function normally. It also takes a toll on our well-being. 

Bioidentical hormones are usually derived from plants. By mimicking the process by which the body makes specific hormones, they replenish those that have been depleted as we age. 

Aging is natural and it’s mandatory… but suffering from signs and symptoms of aging is not!


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What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

  • Weight Gain

    Are you aware that your hormones directly affect your weight? Unexplained weight gain may result from hormone imbalance conditions, such as an underactive thyroid (or hypothyroidism), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and menopause.

    One may also have an insulin imbalance, which causes insulin resistance leading to improper storage of fat.

  • Difficulty Sleeping

    How well do you sleep at night? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? This can be another sign of hormone imbalance. Both aging men and women usually experience insomnia and sleep problems.

    It is thought that estrogen and progesterone contribute to a better night’s sleep. As we age, both of these hormones fluctuate. As estrogen levels fall, you may also suffer from night sweats, which disrupt your sleep and make you feel fatigued. Also, poor sleep quality affects our hormonal and physical functioning throughout the day.

  • Memory Fog

    Do you sometimes have a hard time remembering things? Are you feeling agitated, irritable, or unable to concentrate? Memory fog or brain fog is usually caused by hormone imbalance. Some of your hormones might be too high or too low, which causes brain fog.

    Usually, men and women with brain fog also have unexplained anger or other emotions, difficulty thinking things through, inability to recall certain events, headaches, and insomnia. These surely hamper your day-to-day activities and interactions with family and friends.

  • Fatigue

    Do you constantly feel tired even if you drink too many cups of coffee just to get through the day? Fatigue may be a sign of hormonal changes in the brain. It can also be linked to depression.

  • Night sweats or hot flashes

    How often do you have random hot flashes throughout the day, or do you wake up covered in sweat? There’s a good chance these symptoms are because you’ve dropped estrogen levels.

    It’s possible these symptoms could be signs of ovarian failure, though it’s very rare. When you have these symptoms, consult your doctor right away.

  • Mood swings

    Have you ever experienced a sudden or intense change in your emotional state? One time you’re just feeling happy and upbeat, then the next, you’re just annoyed and sad and angry.  Hormone fluctuations are what cause mood swings.

    Mood swings are sometimes linked to depression or other health conditions, which are also impacted by hormones. Mood swings can occur in menopausal women, men experiencing andropause, and pregnant women.

    Also, it impacts someone’s quality of life and their relationship with other people.

  • Hair loss

    Hair loss can also be attributed to hormone imbalances, which can be experienced by both men and women. PCOS and pregnancy are both factors that contribute to female hair loss.

  • Loss of Libido

    Believe it or not, both men and women may experience low libido. This affects one’s sex life and intimacy with one’s partner. Low libido is usually caused by decreasing levels of estrogen and testosterone (yes, women also have testosterone).

    In women, low levels of estrogen also cause vaginal dryness. This can also influence one’s sexual desire and intimacy with your partner.

Can you correct hormone imbalances?

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Atlanta GA

Yes, hormone imbalance can be corrected. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) relieves the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in both men and women in a safe and effective way. If you are living in Atlanta, then you are in luck.

Bioidentical hormones, which are plant-based, mimic the body’s natural way of producing specific hormones that become depleted as we age. Rather than introducing synthetic versions of hormones into the body, BHRT focuses on replacing hormones that decline naturally. 

BHRT provides relief from symptoms and related conditions associated with age-related hormone decline. It can positively affect one’s attitude, mood, physical functioning, and cognition. Live your life to the fullest with bioidentical hormone therapy in Atlanta.

Be a better version of yourself with bioidentical hormone therapy in Atlanta, GA

At Bubolo Medical, we take a different approach to bioidentical hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment for brain fog, memory loss, depression, trouble concentrating, and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 

Located in Atlanta, GA, Bubolo Medical is a leading provider of bioidentical hormone therapy in Atlanta and has been serving patients with unwavering dedication for 20 years. 

Both men and women can benefit from hormone therapy to enjoy their lives and improve their quality of life. Every patient is treated as a unique individual, which means that we can tailor your BHRT program to suit your needs.

At Bubolo Medical, we are committed to helping you meet your needs and goals, and we will be right there with you every step of the way.  Are you ready to learn more about what bioidentical hormone therapy can do for you?

Contact Bubolo Medical today at (404) 383-8252 for a free consultation so you can stop missing out on doing all the things that you love in life.

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