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Bubolo Medical Weight Loss Centers now uses the InBody Scan Body Composition Analysis Machine. The machine provides a detailed report on your bone health, body fat percentage, as well as visceral fat.

Combining decades of experience with cutting-edge InBody scanning technology.

In order to create the most accurate and impactful custom weight-loss plan, each patient will undergo a full Body Composition Assessment, utilizing the advanced InBody scanning system from our healthcare professionals.

This powerful tool analyzes body fat, lean muscle mass, bone density, and visceral fat, providing a clear understanding of which areas should be focused on. This same technology is often used for Olympic-level athletes to precisely tune their workout and diet regimens. The scan is fast, safe, and accurate, with immediate results, making it a superb screening test.

More than just a simple scale or BMI test, the InBody scan delivers one of the most highly accurate body composition analyses available today. It compares your results to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey database. This allows our healthcare professionals to create a totally personalized plan that works for your body, ensuring that the weight you lose stays gone for good.

Weight Affects Your Whole Body

And sometimes, relationships.

diabetes – 85% of Type II Diabetics are overweight

heart disease – Causes 1 out of every 4 deaths

cancer – Risk increases by 40%

depression – Risk increases by 55%

respiratory disorders – Greater risk of developing sleep apnea, COPD

aches & pains – Excess weight adds stress on joints and bones

bone health – Obesity can alter hormones that regulate bone health resulting in bone loss and bone cell metabolism.

InBody Scan: Screening Test for Comprehensive Health Analysis.

The InBody scan is an advanced medical test that provides accurate and obtainable goals, allowing our expert technicians to identify signs of potential diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. By detecting these risk factors early, many of these diseases can be prevented through appropriate dietary and exercise changes.

In addition to assessing overall health, the InBody scan is also effective in measuring bone density. It enables early detection and treatment of bone loss and osteoporosis, ensuring proactive management of bone health. Rest assured, each scan uses safe levels of radiation exposure, comparable to that of a TSA body-imaging device, making it suitable for all body types and ages.

Visible Progress and Customized Approach for Effective Weight Loss.

Our weight loss program at Bubolo Medical Weight Loss Centers in metro Atlanta is powered by advanced InBody scanning technology, offering the most comprehensive and technologically advanced approach. Regular InBody scans throughout your weight loss journey provide precise and easy-to-read comparisons of changes over time. We understand that visible results are crucial for maintaining motivation, especially in the initial stages.

With the InBody system, you can witness the tangible outcomes of your dedicated efforts and track your progress towards your goals. These accurate measurements guide our technicians in adjusting your plan on a weekly basis, ensuring you are always on the optimal path for success. Our InBody scan machines are available at both our Acworth and Atlanta (Sandy Springs) locations.

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