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Hair Plugs – Why They’re Not as Popular Anymore

Medical technology has advanced to the point where some procedures are no longer popular. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, hair plugs are one such example. Why are hair plugs no longer popular?

Hair plugs have phased out with the advancement of FUE and FUT hair treatments. Inserting plugs involve punching large sections of hair follicles. They are large, appear fake, and pretty damaging.
Below, we will go through the short history of hair plugs. By the end of this article, you’ll understand what they are and why you should avoid them.

What is a Hair Plug?

The term “hair plug” is outdated in the medical world, but it still prevails as a common phrase. A hair plug is a piece of the scalp “punched” out from the back of your head. This scalp piece contains 20-25 individual hairs on average.

These plugs are then inserted into balding areas to make them appear full again, with natural human hair procured through transplants dating back to 1950s methods.

Note that these plugs are not fake pieces of artificial material; they’re made entirely from one’s natural body parts. This created a realistic appearance at the time. It sought to resemble rows upon rows (or clumps) due to their size and spacing between each strand.

Why Do I Still See Hair Plugs Discussed?

When it comes to transplanted hair, there is a lot of internal terminologies. However, many of those terminologies get crossed over when reaching the general public.

When you hear someone discussing hair plugs, they are most likely referring to general hair grafts. However, you may want to ask if they are referring to FUE or FUT transplants.

No modern medical professional who handles healthy hair transplants should use hair plugs. Other procedures are far more effective in moving individual follicles.

Why Are Hair Plugs Not Used Anymore?

In the past, hair plugs were a less effective form of hair transplantation. Today’s procedures are vastly different as they allow surgeons to remove follicles or individual hairs one at a time instead of removing whole clumps.

The hair transplantation process is much more aesthetically appealing and natural than the original follicular unit extraction technique, hair plugs. Modern transplants ensure every area of your scalp gets transplanted with newly grown hairs – not just certain parts because it was easier or less time-consuming for the doctor.

The procedure also has better healing benefits in comparison to plugs; patients will notice their new hair gradually growing back over days instead of weeks while they start feeling like themselves again rather quickly as well!

For pattern baldness, FUT and FEU have proven to be far more effective in encouraging hair growth. They also provide more significant potential for high hair density.

How Do Hair Plugs Compare to Hair Implants?

Hair plugs are a form of hair implant. However, implants also include putting in false hair attachments. Examples of implants include permanently attaching a wig to your hair.

Synthetic hair implants are banned in the United States, given that they can cause infection and inflammation. They were also a significant fraud issue due to the following problems:

  • There was the mass spreading of deception
  • There was little discussion behind the risks of using this implant
  • There is no health benefit to keeping them as a hair transplant procedure
  • Synthetic hair transplants might also include using donor hair. Regardless, choosing synthetic hair is still unsafe.

How Do Plugs Compare To Other Types of Hair Transplant Surgery?

When simulating an entire head of hair, there are two other significant forms of hair transplants: FUE and FUT.

What is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) involves your surgeon taking a strip of skin from the back or side of your head. Because it consists of taking an entire strip, this type of hair transplant is more natural than plugs. However, FEU is much more detail-oriented when it comes to hair loss.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves moving individual follicles. Because it works to be more detailed than individual hair strips, it has the best potential to look natural. The donor hair comes from other locations on your body.

Both FUE and FUT are more accurate than choosing plugs due to their greater focus on detail and lesser chance of skin damage.

What You Should Know About Modern Hair Transplants

If you have hair thinning, modern hair restoration surgery can provide you with a seamless solution. Moving individual hair follicles has made plugs obsolete. Even wigs can look more realistic than some hair plug procedures.

Regardless, for proper thickness and results, you wouldn’t want a hair plug treatment anyway. To treat hair loss, you need hair restoration surgeons who can help you with a complete look at a reasonable price.

When you say hair transplant, it’s widely assumed you’re talking about an FUE transplant. We offer FUE transplants for $6,995 at our clinics in Atlanta and Acworth, GA. Get the natural look you desire, request a consultation today to see if you qualify.

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