Skin treatment involves some procedures that are expected to enhance one's appearance. As such, most individuals opt for treatment solutions that are available over the counter at various outlets to help rid their skin of the spots and wrinkles on their faces. For those seeking such treatment for the first time, that may not be the best approach. You may not know where to start or what your individual needs are. Running some tests using the Visia skin analysis machine before treating your face should be the starting point.

Most individuals who seek treatment to enhance their appearance without undergoing critical tests and receiving the right advice end up frustrated. There are so many options out there and choosing the wrong procedure or care can worsen the issue and cause further damage. Hence, every precaution must be taken before starting any facial treatment process. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to make wise decisions that will help you achieve the look you desire.


The Visia skin analysis machine has introduced new technology that enhances the way facial treatment is done. With this kind of technology, it is now possible to scan images of your face from different angles accurately before you undergo any facial treatment. The system records both the surface condition of your facial skin as well as the underlying surface.


In the process, some of the aspects that will be detected include;

  1. UV spots that are an indication of subsurface sun damage on your face
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Porphyrins - they signify the presence of bacteria inside the pores
  4. Spots - including vascular lesions, pigmentation, and freckles
  5. Even Skin Tone - the identification of variations in the tone of your facial skin

The procedure

Scanning of these facial images using the Visia skin analysis machine is a fast process, and the images captured include the ultraviolet image and the natural one. That happens in the Visia booth after which a particular computer program is used to analyze these images.

The analysis at this stage involves the comparison of the characteristics of the personal skin of an individual with a database of other persons of the same ethnicity, sex, and age of the client. The database is available in the computer program that verifies the images captured by the Visia skin analysis machine.

Once the results are out, a clinician discusses with the client the implication of the details retrieved from the system to bring to light the treatment that is required, and what can be done for the achievement of best results after facial treatment. Insight on how to maintain the new look is also given and advised skin treatment can be done with the use of home care products or by visiting us again to undergo the necessary procedure.

Finally, the skin consultant prepares a prescription for the client, which includes the products and treatment that will improve your skin. Also, we'll develop a plan to set you on course towards realizing a brighter, clearer and youthful look.


That is a detailed procedure that everyone seeking facial treatment through the Visia skin analysis technology undergoes. As such, individuals are assured of best results and over and above that, reaction with various skin products, which can be detrimental to health is prevented. The approach that the Visia skin analysis treatment uses gives you the assurance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle even as you enhance your appearance.

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